Monday, January 21, 2008

Sunday Morning Coupon Product Parade

I have so much fun with the Sunday paper coupon section that I'm thinking of making this a monthly blog installment. Every Sunday I leaf through the coupons with the very best of intentions. Why not get .35 cents off peanut butter the next time I go grocery shopping? Only I never do get the .35 cents off because the next time I go grocery shopping the coupons are still in a wrinkly pile on top of my microwave, where they stay until they float to the ground to be eaten by the dog.

But there's so much more than just savings in those pages. There are tons of amazing products, like fine china imprinted with a picture of your Yorkshire Terrier, Garfield checks (golly he's a funny cat) and much much more! So, just in case you don't read the coupon section, I want to make sure no one misses out on this fabulous merchandise.

This month's featured product:

Haband! Active Joe Comfort Pants
with zip fly (Yes! Real zip fly!)

Joe, as pictured, is a man on the move, a spry guy who likes to gad about using urinals without having to worry about pulling his comfort slacks all the way down.

Lucky for Joe, Haband! (located conveniently at 1 Bargain Place in Jessup, PA) has revolutionized the leisure wear market by adding "a feature the other guys don't have—an easy access zip fly!"

A quick trip to reveals even more revolutionary products. The party is your pants when you order Health Rite Boxer Block Party.

And, don't be a dummy! Order Ingenuity pants today!

Haband! Website on Ingenuity Pants:
"Not just Comfortable & Stylish, these pants are Safe too! There are 2 Pickpocket-Proof Hidden Zipper Pockets on either side of the waist that are easily accessible to YOU — perfect for stashing wads of cash!"

And Ladies, don't feel left out. I know many of you also have a wad to stash. Look no further than Haband!'s new (and I am not making this shit up) Bend Over Instant Flattery Slacks (available in solid or stripes). Round out the outfit with a Sweet and Sassy Embroidered Top or a Go-to-it blouse.

Why stop at just apparel? Haband! Offers a wide variety of products to make life easier. Such as the Lighted Magnavisor. No more squinting! This makes reading, fly fishing and coin collecting much easier (minor risk of retina scorching if worn in direct sunlight can be mitigated by not looking up when outdoors or keeping eyes closed when wearing the device.)

So until next month, happy shopping!

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Alice said...

Occasionally I get an urge to totally flip & buy my wardrobe from Haband.