Monday, January 14, 2008

An Ode to Mah Jong

My new computer finally arrived on Friday. I will miss my old machine, we spent so much time together over the years but she was starting to show her age, freezing up when I tried to open more than one window, randomly ending programs in the middle of use. She had a good run, but I had to put her down.

Though it's only been a couple days, I have already completely bonded to my new laptop. She's a refurbished model that Danny rescued from the pound, and I even have a nickname for her already. I like to call her, "My fancy little Mah Jong machine."

My new computer came with many bells, whistles, and new capabilities like a built in web cam. I have paid very little attention to those things. However, in the 72 hours since the computer has been in my possesion I have played Mah Jong no less than 150 times.

You see my former computer did not incude Mah Jong. And so my wonder was complete Saturday afternoon as I sat at the kitchen table exploring my new contraption and Mah Jong blossomed out of the Games list like an exotic oriental flower.

Mah Jong is delicate and beautiful. Each domino like tile is a work of art in itself. I simply adore the satisfying click-clack sounds the tiles make as they fall into place to begin a new game. I love the bamboo mat background on which the game pieces rest. I delight in the various sounds and visual effects that occur when two tiles disapear from the board. Flowers vanish into a delicate poof and sprinkle of bells while dragons erupt into crackles of sparks. It's exhilirating.

I look forward to the many years to come with my new computer. I look forward to discovering all her bells and whistles. But mostly, I'm looking forward to a game of MahJong…like right now.

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