Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Father's Day Gift

Twenty Things I learned from my dad...

1. How to tell a story that makes people laugh.
2. How to drink a shot properly.
3. How to catch, throw and hit a softball.
4. How to play tennis.
5. That the world is bigger than Canton, OH.
6. Not to take everything so seriously.
7. How to cope with things without whining.
8. That you should think about what you love to do, and then find a way to get paid for it. (Barring anything illegal of course.)
9. Why one should not order veal. (Do you know what they do to those cows?)
10. That all your actions have consequences. For instance, if you and your pre-teen friends leave a huge mess in the Crete Do-Nut Shop, you are going to have to march in and apologize to the owner’s face.
11. An appreciation for old movies.
12. How the stock market works.
13. How to plant something and make it grow. (I got a D- in that but I’m still counting it).
14. That bratwurst is best cooked with beer.
15. An appreciation for the natural beauty of the world around us.
16. How to paint a room.
17. How to brush a cat.
18. How to doggie paddle so I won’t drown.
19. How to ride a bike.
20. And most importantly, that genes don’t make a parent, love does.

P.S. (I'm hoping my dad finds this picture amusing, because I do. It makes me think of a caricature-stlye stock photo of a man angry that his tee time got moved from 9:30 to 9:45...dad, I think you could have a future in stock photo modeling.)

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