Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reason why Steph is a dumbass #4,567

I broke the garage door.

And not, as one of my friends suggested, because I have superhuman strength (although that's a nice way of looking at it) but rather because I impatiently pulled out of my garage before the door was fully up.

It gets dumber.

Hearing the awful scratch and clank I jumped out of my car. Seeing only a small scratch on the back of my little red wagon, I breathed a sigh of relief and went on my merry way. It never even occured to me that I could have fucked up the garage door until I returned home and the damn thing nearly fell down on top of me.

All I have to say is, thank god my husband is a nice person. Because I GUARANTEE you if it had been him that backed into the gargage door I would not have remained calm. I get mad when he pulls into parking spaces too far and I hear the front fender scrape on the cement parking stopper thingie (of course when I pull in too far I assume it's because the parking stopper thingies at that particular establishment are just too darn high). But Danny handled the situation with his usual cool demeanor.

The thing is garage door maintenence is freaking expensive. Like more expensive than it would be to fix my Mazda. We learned this when our "coil" broke a few years ago. (Which in case you're wondering sounds exactly like someone got shot point blank with a rifle in your garage.)

So now I'm waiting for the repair man to come and tell me how many thousands of dollars he needs in order to fix it.

If I would have waited one tenth of one second more before pulling out I could have avoided this catastrophe. Okay universe, lesson learned. I will get a garage door that opens faster.


james ford said...

the fifth dumbest thing jim ford has ever done.

we had a drainage pipe than ran under the front of our driveway. the metal had split and was sharp on the edge and pulling out from my makeshift spot on the side of actual paved driveway, i ran over it and popped my tire.

i got out furiously and put the spare on. i got a new tire put on with money i didn't have (probably on a credit card i am still paying for fifteen years later).

that weekend to make sure this didn't happen to anyone else i went out with a hammer and furiously banged the metal edges down to prevent further damage. to be sure, i'd done a good job i ran my tire over it again, this time on purpose.

i didn't do that good a job and ended up buying a second tire in the same week.

Erica said...

Okay, just before a college conservatory audition I was sitting on a bench with my cello in its (soft) case in front of me. I was nervous and distracted and I crossed my legs, knocking my cello over in the process -- the cello bridge (the light-colored ornate carved wooden part that holds the strings up in the lower-middlish part of the cello) made a hole in the top of my instrument, the sound post dislodged from inside of the instrument, and I was screwed. It actually worked out -- someone loaned me a much better cello to play on for the audition and I got into the school with scholarship money (I didn't end up attending, but that's another story) -- however, I tell you this story to let you know that you are not the only dumbass out there. I also have vehicular examples, but this was the first thing that came to mind. Go easy on yourself.

MsLisaL said...

looks to me like it's just off the track. you can probably fix that yourself.
supercar strikes again!

Caitlin said...

If it makes you feel better, when I was house sitting for my folks a couple years ago, I did something even dumber. I parked my Eclipse in the garage and when I was leaving, I had the hatch back open and tried to open the garage door, never even considering little issues like, oh, say, clearance... Got lucky, only a few scratches and I don't think I broke the door. If I did they never mentioned it.

Steve said...