Monday, April 20, 2009

It's Official

Saturday I officiated the wedding of my dear friend Natalie. First I have to say that Natalie, fellow radical feminist and social justice lawyer, is exceedingly cute. (After viewing wedding pictures on Flickr I have determined she could possibly be the cutest person on the planet.)

The day was one of those “grown up” moments in my life. One of those moments where I realize, again, that I am indeed an adult member of society. Never mind that I myself have been married for five years, or that I have a mortgage, a literary agent and more health problems than most 70 year-olds, I have performed and officially notarized someone’s nuptials. Put another mark on my official grown up card.

Generally, I cry at weddings. It’s a privilege to witness two people you care about publicly declare their love and commitment to each other. Love is palpable at a wedding. And so I was not sure I’d be able to actually perform the ceremony without my face twisting into that I’m-about-to-cry expression.

I prepared for the day by purchasing an awesome (if I do say so myself) Jackie Brown inspired suit and reading the ceremony aloud about a thousand times. I pronounced Danny and Kiddo husband and wife at least six of those times. (I sure hope that’s not legally binding.)

Marrying two people turned out to be quite an enormous experience. I was beyond honored to have been asked, and tickled pink when Jim, the groom, gave me the good credit line on the movie poster he designed for the occasion. Stephanie Seguin as “The Officiant.”

Joining Jim and Natalie in matrimony was a more intimate gesture than I ever expected. There I was, not crying, guiding my good friends through their vows and promises of lifelong commitment in front of a crowd of more than a hundred people. The bubble of love that radiated from them was close enough to touch. It was pure magic to be part of such a profound moment in someone’s life, especially someone I care so much about, and her new husband who has my official stamp of approval.

I wish Jim and Natalie much love, happiness and many, many magical moments.

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Jocelyne said...

WOW! I bet that was awesome being the "Officiant" of the wedding. You are really putting those notches in your belt now. I just hope the notches didn't ruin the look of that suite. I can totally picture it on you.
As far as pronouncing Danny and Kiddo husband and wife, as long as Kiddo didn't "say", I do, and Danny didn't "kiss" the bride, you should be safe.