Monday, April 6, 2009

You're Turning Violet, Violet

I love having purple hair. The way I figure it, I don’t work in a bank or a nine to five desk job, so if I want to have purple hair, I can.

I first did purple on my 30th birthday, because I was feeling a little crazy. The original plan was to go all over blonde but when I balked upon discovering that going from dark brown to blonde includes processes that sound like they should be done to raw lumber and not hair, my hair stylist suggested patches of purple underneath the dark brown, so they would peek out from time to time.

I got immense pleasure from the peekage. Next I did pink, then orange, then pink and orange together.

I am addicted.

At my last trip to the salon my conversation with the cerulean coiffed receptionist could have been coming from the mouths of two heroin addicts. "How long have you been on this color?" "It fades fast but it's sooooo worth it." "You know, you can come in between appointments for a quick color fix."

I’ve heard people say that tattoos are addicting. I imagine this is similar. Now when it comes time to do my color, a couple under streaks are never enough. Every time I go in I ask for a wee bit more. Do a streak on top. Do some in my bangs. If I don’t slow down, pretty soon I will be rainbow all over.

I like the slow surprise of health care professionals who ask, “Is your hair purple?” I like that I otherwise look like a completely normal human being except for a surprise shock of neon hair. I like catching a glimpse of costumish color on a day that is not Halloween.

If it were practical to color my entire head bubble gum pink, I’d probably do it. I’m reaching the point now where the hairs on my head are probably half and half. Half deep brown, half violet. So where do I go from here? A whole rainbow hued head?

I might have to get that tattoo I’ve been wanting. But then, I fear, the problem starts afresh, where do I stop?


MsLisaL said...

i love your peek-a-boo hair. it always gives me a little thrill too. i have even considered doing it myself after seeing how great it looks on you. oh and btw, so what if you worked in a bank. go for it!

Jocelyne said...

Now Stephhhh, what's wrong with having purple hair and working in a bank or a nine to five desk job? I mean yours looks presentable, so why not? Now, on the other hand, just don't ask for pictures of the time I had short black hair with bright blue streaks :) that might be pushing it in a bank or at a desk.

Janeen said...

I totally approve. We only live one life, it should be colorful, right?

And as for the tattoos...#5 is coming soon for me. They are very addictive!

Sugared Ellipses... said...

Love the hue on you! Do you want to smack me yet? Seriously, nice do. Aaack! I'm making myself feel like Vizzini. I really like it though. I wish I had the guts to color my hair like that. And the money, yeah the money would be nice too. Lack of money is the only reason why I have any hair and am not covered in tatoos. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Bladder cancer was very rare in men....until they started to dye their hair.
Aren't you just a little worried that you might suffer the same fate.

Anonymous said...

Sister, you are my new hero!
I went to an amusement park over the weekend and spotted a girl in line with hair I HAD to have. I actually took her picture without her knowing it....=/
All the way home, I sighed to myself thinking "I wish I could have that hair, but I'm far too old......" I can't stop thinking about that hair.....dark brown with beautiful purple highlights throughout.... *sigh* I decided to heck with it! I'm doing it! Looking online for the perfect color, I have been saddened by the pictures of nothing but teenagers and total rock stars with colors in their hair. Doing it anyway, regardless, already bought the stuff! But I ran scross you today and am happy as a clam to hear that someone my age (I'm about to be 30) can rock the colors without appearing to crisis. Lol! Thanks for being the one pic I needed to see today!!!

And to the previous Anonymous Poster: I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 16. I lived an organic and completely healthy life. Cancer happens. So does LIFE if you let it.........Enjoy what you have, not fearing what may be taken away. =)

Steph said...

Thank you! purple is so much fun. i've also done pink and orange. but purple is my favorite. I actually love looking "professional" but having purple streaks in my hair. Throws people off, and I now consider it part of my in there goes that girl with the purple hair.