Friday, May 22, 2009

On Instant Gratification

It's been a pretty busy couple of weeks. I've been riding mechanical bulls, tracking down judges in Maryland, getting background checks at the county sheriff's office and waiting hours to get a doctor to fill out a simple form. I'm learning quickly that in this adoption process, delays and snafus will come from the most unexpected places.

We have to get used to waiting (and waiting...and waiting.)

So thank god for Netflix. Netflix instant watch is my newest crackpipe in a long line of crackpipes. I have no self-control, especially when hundreds of movie and TV show titles are instantly available to me from Gimme a Break and Simon and Simon, to Heroes and La Femme Nikita.

I like having things instantly available. That’s what was so compelling to me about the whole mp3 downloading thing, I want a song and poof, I have one. These days I would marry Rhapsody if it were a person and I wasn't already married. I discover a new artist I like (this week it’s Modern Lovers---okay I know they’re no where near “new” but they’re new to me) and in a few clicks I have their entire collection.

It doesn’t help that my husband is also a glutton. In the pre-Netflix days, every so often we’d get our hooks into a TV show on DVD and not come up for air until the entire series was finished. To give you an idea of the extent of our problem, we watched all five seasons of The Wire in about two weeks. (I still miss Bubbles and DuKwon).

This behavior leaves us bug eyed, wasted and hazy, but boy does it feel good at the time. This week we’re watching Heroes and the most common phrase uttered in my house is, “one more?”

I think the universe wanted me to learn patience and that is why I was bestowed with my particular set of challenges. But, it being a kind and loving universe, it gave me Netflix Instant watch as a consolation prize.

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james ford said...

i read an article about this and previously media was consider "push media" which meant you got it when they gave it to you. i remember rushing home to watch a new van halen video when mtv "world premiered" it and then they'd announce when they'd be airing it again. CHEERS was on thursday nights. THE A-TEAM was on tuesdays. if you missed it, you missed it. there were no tivos or VCRs or a DVD box set at the end of the season.

what we have now is "pull media" which means we watch it when we want. i have the entire first season of LOST, CARNIVALE and DEADWOOD i haven't touched yet along with five seasons of 24. it's killed the cultural aspect of entertainment because we can't talk about THE OFFICE over the water cooler since half of us won't watch it until this weekend. there is no urgency to see the new TERMINATOR because if i miss it now, i'll just watch it at home three months from now minus cell phone bastards and crying babies.

i am still puzzled at the people hovering at blockbuster on a friday waiting for a copy of HOTEL FOR DOGS.