Friday, June 11, 2010

Dog Food, Bean, or Beetle?

Things I'm always doing:

A. Picking stuff up off the floor. Cheerios, hairballs, dead beetles, soiled diapers, duplo blocks, empty yogurt containers... One of our favorite games now is: "Dog food, bean or beetle?" In this game, the baby eats something off the floor and we have to guess, dog food, bean, or beetle? (The winner is usually announced later during diaper changing time.)

B. Running out of stuff. Bread, bananas, cereal, milk, laundry detergent, bubble bath, paper towels. I need one of those things on the Jetsons where you just say what you want and it comes out of a little box. The internet kind of serves that purpose, but it takes work like turning on the computer and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... I want to just say: "diapers" and have them materialize in front of me.

C. Buckling, snapping and popping. Buckling him into the car seat, the high chair, the stroller, the grocery cart. Snapping onesies and overalls. Popping lids on and off tupperware containers, snack catchers and sippy cups. Most of these tasks are also performed one handed while holding a greased piglet.

D. Smiling and laughing. He has a habit of cracking a big gummy grin and those mile deep dimples make me want to just slurp the love right off his chubby cheeks.

Items purchased since child came home:

A. A bigger refrigerator. To contain the massive quantities of food this little tiny being seems to eat.

B. Dirt devil auto charge hand vacuum. Because we can only pick up so many cheerios and hairballs and dead beetles by hand. And I don't feel like lugging out the vacuum and wrestling the outlet cover off every time I see a collection of dirt and/or insect carcass (which show up more than I could ever have imagined. I guess I just wasn't looking before.)

C. Cheerios. Cheerios. Cheerios. (And little containers for cheerios)

D. Toys that bleep and bloop. Before Andre came home I said to Danny, "We don't need all those bleepety bloopety boppity plastic toys. I am going to have all wooden toys. Classic toys like blocks and stacking rings and lincoln logs. That's all kids really want." Andre was home two days when we took him to the Drs office and he went so crazy for the bleepy bloopy activity table that I worried we were understimulating him and bought him a bleep and bloop table plus three other bleep and bloop toys.

Things that are unbearably cute:

A. He throws food over the side of the high chair and then leans over to wait for the dog to show up. It's his favorite show to watch while he eats.

B. Kiddo waits outside the bedroom door like a groupie and squeals at the slightest hint of activity in the crib. It's annoying, but sweet. We're pretty sure the dog psychology here is that Kiddo thinks the new dog is in trouble because he's separated form the pack and she's worried about him.

C. Little boy chases the cat all over the house. When he finally catches up with the cat, the dog shows up and sniffs the cat's ass sending the cat screeching in the other direction. Then the game begins again.

Official Winner of the Bonehead Maneuver Award:

The other day I tried to give him a taste of my ice cream cone. It turns out those cones aren't as structurally sound as one might think.


Angie T. said...

I loved reading this!!!!!! I'm so happy for you guys :)

MsLisaL said...

"...slurp the love right off his chubby cheeks." Now that's a great line! Its a keeper.

Kornopolous said...

Once they are exposed to "beepy-boopy-thinngies" there is no turning back